1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion
1st LAAD Bn
1st Marine Aircraft Wing


The mission of 1st LAAD Battalion is to deliver close-in, low-altitude, surface-to-air weapon capabilities. When task-organized, the battalion also provides command and control forces for ground security in defense of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) commander's designated critical areas. 





1st LAAD Reactivation

U.S. Marines and guests prepare for a reactivation and designation ceremony for 1st Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Battalion, Marine Air Control...


1st LAAD Reactivation

U.S. Marines participate in a reactivation and designation ceremony for 1st Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Battalion, Marine Air Control Group 18,...


Warriors of the Court

U.S. Marines with 1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, Marine Air Control Group 18, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, pose for a group photo with a trophy...

1st LAAD Bn Leaders

Commanding Officer
1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Heath A. Phillips assumed the duties as the Commanding Officer of 1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion in June of 2022.

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Executive Officer
1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion

Major Douglas Columbus assumed his current duties as Executive Officer, 1st LAAD Bn on 22 June 2023.

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Senior Enlisted Leader
1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion

Sergeant Major Robert S. Turek currently serves as the 1st Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion Command Senior Enlisted Leader.

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1st Low Altitude Air Defense
Marine Air Control Group 18
UNIT 37211
FPO AP 96372-7211

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Squadron Duty Officer
Office Phone: (856) 503-7914

Uniformed Readiness Coordinator

2ndLt Tyler Bradley

1st LAAD Bn Uniformed Readiness Coordinator

Email: tyler.bradley@usmc.mil

DSN: (808) 257-3252

Deputy Uniformed Readiness Coordinator
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Command Philosophy

We set the standard; We build the ethos,

We create the climate; We become the culture;

We OWN the results.

Our collective actions breathe life into this organization,

We Are 1st LAAD Battalion

​• The Team Matters Most. Our families, Marines, and Sailors form a championship team capable of accomplishing anything. Teams must:

Build on the Foundation of “We”

We are in this together
We succeed and fail together
We overcome together

Have Trust and Faith in One Another: Operate at the speed of trust.

Be Excellent to Each Other. Be kind—seek to build others up

Take Leave…recharge, build a stronger self, build stronger families

Be Happy. “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” –Anne Frank

• Failure Is Not Final. It happens, be resilient and embrace the struggle. Learn from failure and move on. We have a job to do and a mission to accomplish.

H. A. Phillips

Commanding Officer, 1st LAAD Bn

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1st LAAD Battalion

Commanding Officer’s Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Prevention and Response Policy

1 October 2022

1st LAAD Battalion’s Command Philosophy is clear in how this unit approaches all elements included in MCO 5354.1F, the order for Marine Corps Prohibited Activities and Conduct.

This battalion is a team built on the foundation of WE. Bullying, hazing, harassment, and any discriminatory practice is destructive not only to the victim, but also to the unit. We will not let this happen, and it is a cancer that will destroy us.

This is a leadership issue that I want discussed at every level of this command persistently and consistently. Additionally, every member of this unit will read Chapter 1 of the order upon arrival, and leadership will ensure that we all have a common understanding of its contents.

Building Trust and Faith in One Another means we treat every individual in this unit respectfully and with genuine concern for their welfare. It means that we value the diverse qualities and backgrounds all of us bring to 1st LAAD Bn. Anything less degrades us.

The Team Matters Most. We are in this together, and we derive our strength from cohesion— added together, each individual Marine or Sailor’s strengths create an awesome and unstoppable gravity.

Lastly, I challenge every one of you, at every rank, to remember we are all leaders. Our job is to bring people together and focus our collective energy towards building this unit the right way. You have an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on those around you.

Years from now, Marines may forget the details, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.



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1st LAAD Battalion

Commanding Officer’s Policy Statement on Safety

1 October 2022

Safety is a Team Effort and Rank Independent

We must care enough about our teammates and families to prioritize safety in all we do— on and off duty. Private to Sergeant Major, Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel, we all bear the responsibility to address and correct unsafe actions or conditions immediately.

Bias for Action Does Not Equal Rushing to Recklessness

Marines and Sailors are built for action—we run to the sound of chaos, we are the few, we are the proud, and often, we rush ourselves into reckless action…take a tactical pause and think about what we are doing. Safety requires thinking…

We all chose an inherently dangerous job—increasing that danger by cutting corners, failing to analyze and mitigate risk, or simple laziness is unacceptable and counter to what 1st LAAD Battalion stands for. Complacency Kills.

Chase Perfection in Our Practice

Championship teams realize that perfect practice makes perfect. We do this by,

• Maintaining the standards

• Following established policies and procedures written in blood

• Care enough to take our safety seriously and prioritize it

“We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly…” -Vince Lombardi


CO, 1st LAAD Bn

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Sgt. Klaus

Sexual Assault and Support Line
Hawaii 24/7 808-216-0126

DOD Safe Helpline

SAPR Resources

1st LAAD Battalion

Commanding Officer’s Sexual Assault Prevention Policy

1 October 2022

Sexual Assault is criminal and at odds with basic respect for human dignity; and beyond that, sexual assault is counter to the values and ethos of what it means to be a Marine or Sailor.

MCO 1752.5C, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, is clear in defining sexual assault as a “criminal act that erodes unit cohesion and contradicts Marine Corps values.” Worse still, sexual assault has devastating effects that last a lifetime for the victim, their families, and loved ones.

I cannot fathom that Marines or Sailors, who have answered the highest calling to service and have joined the greatest and mightiest team, would engage in behavior that so dreadfully affects another Marine or individual. I will not tolerate it, and we will be proactive in rooting out attitudes that lead to it.

Be excellent to each other. Treat others with dignity and respect. It is just that simple.

Caring about one another means taking an active role in preventing sexual assault. It means taking a stand for the values we espouse and giving them true meaning in our dayto-day conduct. If you are the victim of sexual assault and wish to make a restricted or unrestricted report, you should immediately contact the appropriate confidential or non-confidential resource (SAPRVA, medical, chaplain, chain of command and/or law enforcement).



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1st Marine Aircraft Wing