Sergeant Major Michael J. Marie Jr.
MWSS-174 Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Marie is a native of San Antonio, Texas.  He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in January 2001 and graduated from Second Recruit Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California in April 2001.  Sergeant Major Marie then reported to Marine Combat Training, Camp Pendleton, California.  Following completion of Marine Combat Training, Sergeant Major Marie reported to Fort Lee, Virginia, for completion of the Bulk Fuel Specialist Course.  Sergeant Major Marie attained the military occupational specialty of 1391 and then reported to 8th Engineer Support Battalion, 2nd Force Service Support Group, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  Sergeant Major Marie served as a Bulk Fuel Specialist from July 2001 to September 2004 and promoted to Private First Class in October 2001.  In July 2002, Sergeant Major Marie was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.  After achieving the billet as a Fire team leader for 1st Platoon, Bulk Fuel Company, Sergeant Major Marie was meritoriously promoted to Corporal in October 2002.  In October 2003, Sergeant Major Marie attended Corporals Course aboard Camp Geiger, North Carolina, were he graduated in the top three of his class. 

From January to June 2003, Sergeant Major Marie deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sergeant Major Marie served as Squad Leader for 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, Military Police Company.  In December 2003, Sergeant Major Marie checked in to Battle Skills School in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, were he obtained the Military Occupational Specialty of Green Belt Marine Corps Martial Art Instructor (8516).  In April 2004, Sergeant Major Marie was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Sergeant Major Marie then attended Sergeants Course in Camp Geiger, North Carolina.  Upon completion of Sergeants Course in June 2004, Sergeant Major Marie attended the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course in Quantico, Virginia, were he obtained the Military Occupational Specialty of Black Belt in the (1st) Degree Martial Arts Instructor Trainer (8517).  Sergeant Major Marie then received orders to Drill Instructor School, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.  After successfully completing Drill Instructor School in June 2005, Sergeant Major Marie reported in to 3RD Recruit Training Battalion, Mike Company, were he served as a Police Sergeant, Drill Instructor, Chief Martial Arts Instructor, and Senior Drill Instructor.  

Sergeant Major Marie then was meritoriously promoted to Staff Sergeant in January 2008.  After a successful tour on Drill Instructor Duty, Sergeant Major Marie reported to Marine Wing Support Squadron 372, Airfield Operations Company in July 2008.  He served as Fuels Team Leader and Company Gunnery Sergeant.  From September 2009 to March 2010, Sergeant Major Marie deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Upon return, Sergeant Major Marie reported to the Staff Noncommissioned Officer's Academy, Camp Pendleton, California, for duty as a Faculty Advisor in July 2010.  Sergeant Major Marie served as a Basic, Senior, and Master Faculty Advisor for Sergeants Course and Career Course.  In June 2011 Sergeant Major Marie was selected out of the below zone to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.  Sergeant Major Marie then reported to 8th Engineer Support Battalion on July 1, 2013, were he served as the Bulk Fuel Company 1stSgt until January 15, 2014, Bravo Company 1stSgt until August 2014, and LCpl Seminar Chief until selected for 1stSgt.  Sergeant Major Marie was frocked to the rank of 1stSgt in January 2015 and reported to 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Camp Lejeune, NC where he served as Company 1stSgt for Alpha Company and Weapons Company while deployed in support of Black Sea Rotational Force 16.1.  In April 2017, Sergeant Major Marie was transferred to Maintenance Company, CLB-453 Inspector Instructor Duty in Waco, TX where he served as the I&I First Sergeant until selected by the College of Enlisted Military Education in February 2019 to attend Class 70, United States Army Sergeant Major Academy (USASMA), Fort Bliss, TX. Upon graduating Class 70, Sergeant Major Marie served as the Squadron Sergeant Major HMH-463 from July 2020 to January 2022. During his time with HMH-463 Sergeant Major Marie earned his Air-Crew wings by completing the Aerial Gunner/Observer syllabus for the CH53E  logging over 75 hours as a Naval Air-crewman. Sergeant Major Marie received orders to MWSS-174 in January 2022, where he currently serves as the Squadron Sergeant Major.

Sergeant Major Marie has an Associate Degree in Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Work Force Development, and a Bachelors in Human Sciences Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University.  Awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (In Lieu of Third Award), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (In Lieu of Second Award), and Army Achievement Medal.