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Commanding General  645-3744
Assistant Wing Commander  645-3744
Chief of Staff  645-3744
Sergeant Major  645-3744
Command Master Chief 645-3744
Staff Secretary  645-3744
Protocol Officer 645-3744
Aide De Camp  645-3744

Wing Duty Officer Cell: 

080-2737-9024  Office:  645-2564 


From US to Japan:  011+81+number without 1st zero 
Example for MAG-12:  011-81-90-1942-9330 
To South Korea from Japan: 99+009+82+number
To South Korea from Hawaii: 011+82+number 
From South Korea to Japan:  001+81+number
From South Korea to Hawaii: 001+1*+number 
To Australia from Japan: 99+009+61+number 
To Australia from Hawaii:  011+61+number 
From Australia to Japan:  0011+81+number 
From Australia to Hawaii:  0011+1*+number 
To Thailand from Japan:  001+1*+number 
To Thailand from Hawaii:  011+66+number 
From Thailand to Japan:  001+81+number 
From Thailand to Hawaii:  001+1*+number 
To Afganastan from Japan:  99+009+93+number 
To Afghanistan from Hawaii:  011+93+number 
From Afghanistan to Japan:  00+81+number 
From Afghanistan to Hawaii:  00+1*+number 






1st Marine Aircraft Wing
Marine Forces Pacific
Unit 37101
FPO AP 96373-7101
Commercial: 011-81-611-745-3781
DSN: 315-645-1576

Wing Duty Officer
Cell Phone: 080-2737-9024
Office Phone: 645-2564





1st Marine Aircraft Wing