At 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Marines will be treated with Dignity, Respect and Trust.  All members of the organization are afforded equal treatment and opportunity to achieve Marines full potential based solely upon individual merit, fitness, intellect, and ability.  Prohibited behavior include harassment (to include sexual harassment), unlawful discrimination, and abuse (specifically, hazing, bullying, ostracism, retaliation); wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images; and, certain dissident and protest activity (to include supremacist activity). Conduct that is unwelcome and based on race, color, religion, sex (to include gender identity), national origin, or sexual orientation. Such activities and conduct undermine morale, reduce combat readiness.

Equal Opportunity Advisors
EOAs serve as the Marine Corps MEO Program Manager (PM). EOAs are the commander’s and Marine Corps primary personnel for advice, guidance, and complaint management regarding prohibited activities and conduct, they do not serve as victim advocates for those who file equal opportunity (EO) complaints. All official communications with EOAs are considered protected communications. EOAs are the Marine Corps subject matter experts (SMEs) on command climate and prohibited activities and conduct.  EOA's duties include:
1. Advise supported commanders and military personnel on the use of the prohibited activities and conduct complaint process to report, resolve, and dispose of complaints alleging prohibited activities and conduct.

2.  Provide analysis of command specific data which will enable the commander to monitor the command climate within their organization, identify trends and areas of concern, and develop methods for improving the command climate.

3. DoD certified mediators. Perform mediation services to assist in resolving issues at the lowest level, as requested.

4.  Provide training on command climate issues and prohibited activities and conduct for supported commands, as requested.

5. Conduct the required Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR) training for supported command EORs

6. Monitor EOR assignments and ensure all subordinate unit EORs are, trained and certified
To submit an Equal Opportunity Complaint please click the link below:

Send the voluntary statement document to the following email:





-This method uses the Informal Resolution System (IRS)


-When inappropriate behavior occurs due to differing views, different personalities, lack of understanding, miscommunication, or stereotypes, the IRS is one of the most effective methods to resolve the conflict.


-The IRS is the most expeditious means to attempt resolution and restore the trust necessary for unit cohesion.





-This method is used to seek a formal resolution to a complaint of inappropriate behavior


-Preferred Method, Request Mast, Article 1150, Communications with Inspector General


-Formal allegations can only be resolved by the commander.


-All formal complaints will be reported. Results will be substantiated or un substantiated

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