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1st MAW News
Marines from 1st MAW participate in Yama Sakura 79 December 16, 2020
COVID Mitigation During Driven Thermite 21 November 30, 2020
1st MAW Tests Battle Staff During Exercise Driven Thermite November 13, 2020
Second F-35B Squadron Officially Established In Indo-Pacific Region With The Redesignation Of VMFA-242 October 23, 2020
Operation Lightning Strike August 6, 2020
Search and Rescue: U.S. and Japanese Forces Work Together June 29, 2020
No Gym, No Problem April 27, 2020
Running 24/7, and limited only by imagination: U.S. Marines put 3D printing skills to use in the fight against COVID-19 April 8, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: MASA 2019 Kicks Off July 14, 2019
1st MAW Changes Command June 27, 2019