Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program

Hello and welcome to 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Family Readiness! If you are new to the concept of Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP), gaining an understanding of the program is key in order to benefit from all the program has to offer. Let me begin by stating
that the Marine Corps recognizes that “family” can include a wide range of individuals that are important to the service member. For the purpose of the UPFRP, a service member’s family pertains to the family they are born into, the family they are sworn into, and the family they are married into. Therefore, family support shall be accessible and provided to service members attached to Marine units (regardless of marital status), spouses, children, wards, and the designated parents/extended family members of Marines.

The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program trains and prepares every Marine and their family to ensure optimum resiliency when faced with life cycle events. When every Marine and family in a unit reaches the optimum level of resiliency, a high state of personal and family readiness will result, thereby ensuring the unit's high state of readiness.

The UPFRP operates under four main tenants: Official Communication, Readiness and Deployment Support, Information and Referral services, and Volunteer management. Official communication is communication provided directly from or on behalf of the Commander.  Readiness and deployment support includes training and education designed to empower both the service member and their families to be able to balance the demands of family, career, military lifestyle, and mission events. The information and resource referral tenant was designed to provide the knowledge of appropriate programs and services that are available to you. Volunteers play an important role within the UPFRP. Volunteering helps the command remain aware of the needs of its members from a unique point of view. Contact your FRO if you would like to hear about the volunteer opportunities that are available in your specific unit.





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