The Inspector General is the eyes and ears of the
Commanding General, ensuring the highest standards of ethical leadership,
respect, and Quality of Life for our Marines, Sailors, and civilian Marines.

To promote 1st MAW's combat readiness,
integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and credibility.


Hotline Guidance

To submit a complaint;  When the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Inspector General's Office receives a complaint, the first thing we do is determine if your issues are appropriate for a Command Inspector General (CIG) to address.


Matters that are Command Inspector General (CIG) Appropriate

Fraud: intentional deception to unlawfully deprive the U.S. of something of value or to secure from the U.S. a benefit, privilege, allowance, or consideration that a person/entity is not entitled.

Waste: an expenditure that is significantly out of proportion to the benefit reasonably expected to accrue the government.

Abuse: arbitrary or capricious exercise of power by a military member or a federal official or employee that adversely affects the rights of any person or results in personal gain or advantage to him/herself or to preferred other actions.

Mismanagement: management action or inaction that creates a substantial risk of significant adverse impact on the on the agency’s ability to accomplish its mission. Matter must be more than de Minimis wrongdoing or simple negligence. Does not include management decisions merely debatable among reasonable people.


If you believe your issue requires the attention of the Inspector General, click the link and use the "TO SUBMIT A COMPLAINT" link on the IMGC site, and contact the 1st MAW Hotline via one of the contact methods listed below. 


If you have already contacted Congress:

The Office of the Inspector General can not duplicate the process that has already been initiated by a member of Congress. Please continue to lodge your complaint with your point of contact within the appropriate congressional office.

No longer active duty/Need to update records:

The Board of Correction for Naval Records is the only office that has the authority to change your Official Military Personnel File.
For additional information Click Here.
Copies of a veteran's record may be requested from
The National Archives.

Former/Current Dependent Financial Support:

DEERS/Dependency Section of Manpower (MRP-1) for redress of nonsupport by a Marine.
Contact the Marine's command for enforcement of dependent support.

If you are unsure who to contact, we can assist you in finding an appropriate point of contact for your issue. 

Call the Hotline:

DSN voice: (315) 645-0839 (Monday-Friday 0730 to 1630.  Answering machine after hours.)

DSN fax: (315) 645-7201   


DSN: (315) 645-3010/3659/2055
Commercial: 011-81-611-745-3010/3659/2055

Write to us:


Mailing Address:

Commanding General

(Attn: Inspector General)
1st Marine Aircraft Wing
Unit 37101
FPO, AP 96373








Phone Numbers
DSN: (315) 645-3010
Off Base Commercial: 098-970-3010
Cell: 090-6861-5215
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline:
DSN: (315) 645-0839
Off Base Commercial: 098-970-0839
Fax: (315) 645-7201
Fax Commercial: 098-970-7201








Report Suspicious Activity