The mission of Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 1 is to provide administrative and supply support for the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Headquarters.


The Squadron was organized on 7 July 1941, in Quantico, Virginia. Five months later, the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. Shortly thereafter, the Squadron moved to NAS, San Diego, California, in defense of the West Coast, which at the time was considered a potential Japanese target.

As the Wing staff grew Headquarters Squadron often split to cover the advance and rear echelons. During World War II, the Squadron saw duty at Guadalcanal; New Caledonia; Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides; Emirau Island, St. Matthias and Solomon Islands; Bougainville; and Zamboanga, Philippine Islands. After World War II, Headquarters Squadron moved to China to carry out the peacetime mission of disarming Japanese troops and repatriating Chinese nationals. The Squadron arrived in Tientsin in October 1945, and remained until May 1947, when it moved to Barrigada Heights, Guam, before transferring to MCAS El Toro. Headquarters Squadron participated in exercises, joint maneuvers, organized reserve training and other peacetime operations until September, 1950, when it deployed to Korea in support of the Wing throughout the Korean campaign. Following the truce, Headquarters Squadron relocated to MCAS, Iwakuni, Japan where it remained until deploying to Danang, South Vietnam in July, 1965 to support the 1st MAW in Southeast Asia. The Squadron remained in Danang until April 1971 when it returned to MCAS, Iwakuni. In 1975, Headquarters Squadron moved with the 1st MAW Headquarters to its current home on Okinawa.