Vision: All Marines of MASS-2 are tactically, physically, and mentally equipped for the rigors associated with conducting sustained Direct Air Support Center (DASC) operations throughout the Indo-Pacific region and across the range of military operations. Achieving this objective will  require purposeful training, continuous self-evaluation, and robust resiliency. Involved leadership at every level will serve as the constant that binds these requirements together. Success will be measured both quantitatively, based upon our ability to effectively execute all mission essential tasks, and qualitatively, insomuch as others respect our organization and we are proud of the Squadron's accomplishments.


Steadfast Discipline. Motivation and desire are not enough to guarantee success in battle. They are useful traits, but often short-lived. Discipline, on the other hand, is a cultivated habit. It enables individuals and organizations to accomplish their stated goals regardless of their circumstances. A disciplined Marine is able to ignore the instincts of self-preservation, complacency, or discomfort and get the job done. During combat, guy-wires will fail. Fuel won't arrive. Radio frequencies or call signs will change without you knowing. You will be sick, worn-out, and hungry. Motivation will likely be low. You will only have discipline to carry you forward.

Servant Leadership. Leaders only exist to enable the success of the Marines in their charge. Leadership is not defined by a parking space, a seat at the table, or who can approve leave. It is about the opportunity to serve fellow members of the command, personally and professionally; to make them better operators, better communicators, better maintainer-s, better citizens, better spouses and parents. Servant-leaders are individuals of character who put people first. They treat themselves and others with dignity and respect. They lead through influence, not the authority vested in their rank or billet. Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.

Balanced Excellence. An excellent command can hold its own in all areas. It functions as a team and fights like a family. It has no weak points, though it may not necessarily be flawless. Whether facing a determined enemy on the battlefield or an aggressive inspection team in garrison, an excellent command is able to perform well in both scenarios. Similarly, individual Marines in the command are all well-rounded. They are proficient at their jobs, capable riflemen, and loving family members. They pursue opportunities for personal and professional growth, they are physically fit, and they make solid decisions. A classroom or a kill zone, they are comfortable in either.

Excellence is an attitude, not an endgame.

Enduring Legacy. Safeguard our reputation by maintaining standards ... protect and own them. Be respectful, courteous and humble. Show pride through your actions because your actions speak volumes. Remember what you represent because people are watching, including those who have gone before us. Your time is now. It's your turn to make a difference in the world ... what legacy will you leave behind?

Lieutenan.t Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

. Commanding Officer

Pacific Vagabonds . . . Oldest. Proudest.




















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Marine Air Support Squadron 2
Marine Air Control Group 18
UNIT 37211
FPO AP 96372-7211
Commercial: 011-81-98-970-5555 ext 636-3257
DSN: 315-636-3257

Squadron Duty Officer
Office Phone: 636-3257