Personal and family readiness is the ability of the individual Marine, Sailor, and his family to successfully balance the challenges of a military lifestyle, family, career, and mission events. Achieving and maintaining a high state of personal and family readiness is the responsibility of every Marine and Sailor.

As the Commanding Officer of Marine Air Support Squadron 2, I take personal ownership of the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP). The progran1 offers direct support to Marines, Sailors, and their designated family members through official communication, information and referral, readiness and deployment support, and volunteer management. The program does not replace small unit leadership, but rather enhances the ability of our leaders to sustain the combat effectiveness of all Marines and Sailors.

Marine Air Support Squadron 2's full-time Family Readiness Officer (FRO), 2ndLt James Fleshman, is the face of the program and our primary communication link with families. He serves as a Special Staff Officer whom works proactively to meet the family readiness needs of our command and provides regular outreach to families to foster support and collaboration. He provides connections to a wealth of resources, both on and off base, which empowers our Marines, Sailors and families and promotes self-sufficiency. He also supports a team atmosphere to limit isolation and hardship.

We will continue to follow the Commandant's guidance that Marines and Sailors take care of their own - period. Just as every Marine and Sailor makes a commitment to the Marine Corps, the Corps is committed to all Marines, Sailors, and their families.

2ndLt James Fleshman can be contacted in person, by phone at DSN 636-3534 (office) or by e-mail at










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