As the Commanding Officer of Marine Air Support Squadron 2 (MASS-2), I am personally committed to ensuring the safety of every Marine and Sailor. I want to express my commitment to safety management and the provision of a safe, healthy workplace and training environment. We have a responsibility to take all the reasonable steps to aid our force preservation efforts by not contributing to mishaps or safety risks during daily operations, training, and exercises.

I further require the implementation of Operational Risk Management (ORM) into all phases of mission planning and execution, regardless of the scope of operation. By implementing the five steps of Operational Risk Management and establishing a positive command safety climate, we can aggressively accomplish the mission at hand without unnecessary risk to our Marines and Sailors.

I task all leaders within MASS-2 to take immediate action to address any potential hazards that may arise and properly communicate hazard controls with their respective leaders. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Ensure information regarding force preservation is properly disseminated.

• Ensure that all personnel are equipped with and employ appropriate Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE).

• Ensure timely and accurate reporting of hazards and mishaps both on and off duty to the
Command Safety Officer.

• Ensure all units/sections throughout MASS-2 have an appointed Safety NCO in writing by
their Section OIC or Commanding Officer.

• Convene a Safety and Force Preservation Council that will meet monthly to discuss all safety
related issues.

• Effective immediately. A force protection continuing action will be for all leaders to always
ask two questions:

1. What are the risks associated with this mission/task?
2. What have I done to mitigate those risks?

The health and safety of all personnel and family members is essential to our overall combat effectiveness. An active approach to health and safe practices will minimize risk, alleviate financial and administrative costs arising from mishaps and injury, and will build trust between leaders and their Marines and Sailors. I need the assistance of all hands to create a safe and healthy operating environment.










Report Suspicious Activity




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