IMPORTANT NOTE:  All accompanied Marines are now required to check into the MCIPAC Regional Housing Office, located at Camp Foster Building 361, after the completion of their 14-day ROM and checking into the Kadena Military Family Housing Office for in-processing and TLA certification paperwork.  (25 January 2018) 

MCIPAC Policy Letter 12-14 covers the assignment of dual service couples (military member married to another military member) to Military Family Housing.


The Kadena Air Force Website links two web pages to its page: Okinawa Military Family Housing Office  and The Kadena Family Housing  web pages, both of which have current information on Military Family Housing, Housing Management Office hours of operations and, locations, Housing Assignment Application forms, policies and pictures of military family housing on Okinawa.  Starting in 2017, on-base Military Housing is conducting a five-year Military Housing renovation project that will impact the number of available units for inbound Service Members. 

If having issues with your on or off base housing, the following flyers provide a 3-Step Resolution Process for Off-Base and On-Base Housing!  (February 2019)


Per MARADMIN 396/20, immediately upon receipt of PCS Orders, accompanied Marines are directed to apply for family type housing by submitting their DD Form 1746 to the Kadena Family Housing Office.  It is highly recommended for families with pets to secure Military Family Housing as pet-friendly rooms are limited in the designated TLFs for incoming families needing to conduct their 14-day ROM. The Port-to-Home Flowchart and the Housing Sponsor Checklist are provided to assist Service Members and their Sponsors with this process.  If you are not eligible for the Port-to-Final Residence Program, your sponsor can assist you with securing a room at the designated TLFs to conduct your 14-day ROM upon arrival. Once you have completed your 14-day ROM the following Family Housing Assignment Flow Charts - On & Off Base  can assist you with the housing assignment process for on and off-base housing.


MCIPAC/MCB Butler Bulletin 11101 (11 June 2019)  directs a mandatory assignment to Bachelor Housing for unaccompanied Marines and attached Navy personnel in Japan for E-7 and below, W-1 through W-3 and O-1 through O-3 personnel. 


The Housing Management Office (HMO) assists personnel during the process of finding housing off base.

HMO works closely with realtors and other property managers to ensure information on available housing options are updated on a regular basis.


Step 1: Contact the HMO as soon as you know you are moving.


Step 2: Obtain eligibility to move off base.

HMO will help you determine whether or not you are eligible to move off base and received Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). You must contact the HMO BEFORE you commit to a contract to rent/lease off base housing.


Step 3: Once authorization to live off base has been granted, obtain a list of housing agencies/property managers from the HMO to start your search.

Many housing agencies have English speaking staff.


Step 4: Consider important factors that may influence your decision in selecting your new residence:

  • School zone
  • Distance from work


Step 5: Determine a workable budget by considering upfront costs.

  • Agency fees (often non-refundable)
  • Security deposits (approximately 1-2 months of rent)
  • Pet deposit (often more than $200)
  • Utility deposit and monthly utility usage cost
  • 1st and last Month’s rent Additional fees
  • Utility
  • Water
  • Sewage and trash collection


Step 6: Obtain Personal Property Insurance (optional)

Notes: Housing in Okinawa is generally smaller than what many service members are accustomed to. A three bedroom housing unit can be about 1,100 square feet and often lack amenities such as central heating and cooling systems. For information about the housing allowances that financially support your move, visit




Welcome to the Marine Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC) housing page maintained by the Assistant Chief of Staff, Facilities (AC/S GF).  This site includes general information about the housing options at our supported installations and links to applicable policies, application forms, and housing office websites.  These resources are intended to orient incoming personnel, their families and sponsors to the range of housing options throughout the Pacific region.  All are encouraged to speak with a housing specialist at the installation regarding individual entitlements, preferences and housing availability.

For more information please watch our video: Family Housing in Okinawa

Accompanied members are eligible for military family housing.  In Okinawa, the Air Force 18th Wing is the executive agent for all family housing and operates the family housing office aboard Kadena Air Base for all services. Marine Corps Base Camp Butler (MCBB) is a single installation encompassing Marine Corps camps throughout Okinawa.  Marine Corps Air Station Futenma (MCASF) is a separate Marine Corps installation in Okinawa.  Family housing is available at Camp Courtney, Camp McTureous, Camp Foster, Camp Lester, Camp Kinser and Kadena Air Base.  The Live Where You Work policy governs housing assignments to minimize commuting distance for service members.  See the associated web pages for other applicable housing assignment policies.  Based on availability of suitable family housing, some families will have the opportunity to seek off-base rental housing with the assistance of a housing referral specialist. 

At Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), family housing is operated by a public-private venture (PPV) contractor similar to many installations within the continental United States.  Refer to the MCBH housing website for information about PPV housing options.  At Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni (MCASI), family housing is operated by the installation for all service members.  A range of newly constructed and renovated housing is available.  Refer to the MCASI housing website for details. 

All inbound accompanied service members must check in with the housing office upon arrival.

Unaccompanied personnel may be assigned to bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQ) or bachelor officer quarters (BOQ) at their installation.  Based on availability of suitable unaccompanied housing, some members will be afforded the opportunity to seek off-base rental housing with the assistance of a housing referral specialist.  All inbound unaccompanied personnel must check in with the unaccompanied housing office.   Members on accompanied orders are considered unaccompanied if their dependents delay travel.  In these cases, members will occupy unaccompanied housing until they are joined by their dependents and qualify for military family housing.

Special Note about Okinawa Family Housing Renovation

The 18th Wing has undertaken a comprehensive renovation program that will invest nearly $500 million over five years from 2017-2021 to renovate military family housing aboard Okinawa.  The work will be executed in phases such that various housing areas will be unavailable for assignment during this period.  Accordingly, more families will be required to live off base during the renovation period.  Personnel living off base enjoy the same access to DODEA schools, AAFES shopping and other on-base resources as those living in military family housing. 

* For examples of off-base housing, please visit: HOMES.mil (use "Kadena AB" in the search menu). This site shows a wide variety of off-base housing options.  Keep in mind that all housing searches first begin with a visit to the housing office at Kadena Air Base.

Special Note about Temporary Lodging

Inbound personnel may occupy temporary lodging awaiting an on-base housing assignment or an off-base rental.  Accompanied personnel require a certificate of non-availability (CNA) from the transient lodging facility (TLF) to utilize off-base temporary lodging.  The WestPac Inn is the Marine Corps TLF aboard Camp Foster.  Unaccompanied personnel must obtain a CNA from the unaccompanied housing office to be eligible for TLA.  A CNA from the TLF does not create a TLA entitlement for unaccompanied personnel.

Special note about Camp Mujuk and Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) Fuji

Camp Mujuk and CATC Fuji currently have very few accompanied positions for military and civilian personnel.  Family housing and referral services are available at adjacent installations such as Naval Air Station (NAS) Atusgi in Japan and U.S. Army Garrison Daegu in Korea.  Contact either the installation or the MCIPAC housing liaison in Okinawa for additional information.




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