ROM: Restriction of Movement

Restriction of Movement Updated as of 8 October 202 1 MCIPAC-MCBBBul 1610 13 Oct 2021


1. Restriction of Movement. In Japan, regardless of vaccination status, all personnel are required to conduct a ROM upon entry to Japan. Vaccinated personnel will conduct a 10 day (240 hours) ROM, unvaccinated personnel will conduct a 14 day (336 hour) ROM. All personnel are required to receive an exit-ROM test no earlier than day 5. During the ROM period, participation in any off-base activities is prohibited. The manner in which the ROM is conducted depends on vaccination status as well. All travelers will carry a physical or electronic copy of their completed vaccination card or other medical record of vaccine administration for verification on arrival.

a. Fully Vaccinated personnel have access to all on-installation facilities during the 10 day vaccinated ROM period, the day of arrival is considered day zero. If their permanent residence is off-installation, they may conduct non-stop travel from their domicile to a U.S. installation via POV /GOV during the ROM period. Off-installation use of mass transit, cycling, or walking is not authorized.

b. Unvaccinated personnel shall travel directly to their domicile ( or place of lodging if not at final destination) and remain there for a ROM period of no less than 7 days which starts the day following arrival. While in days 0-7, if unable to maintain a separate bedroom and head from their unvaccinated family/cohabitants, the family/cohabitants will have to ROM as well until the traveler receives a negative test. Exit ROM testing is conducted no earlier than day 5 and following a negative result, personnel may transition to installation ROM (full access aboard U.S. installations) for days 8-14. For those whose domicile is off-installation, they must remain either in their domicile or on a U.S. installation, or travel in a direct route between the two in a private conveyance. Once 14 full days have passed (336 hours), personnel may then travel off installations.

c. All personnel arriving in Japan from another country that have tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 90 days will, at minimum, be restricted to U.S. installations for 10 days (240 hours). After day 10, asymptomatic individuals are no longer restricted to U.S. installations. Exit ROM testing is not required for individuals in this category.


2. Quarantine Vaccination Effects on Close Contacts/Cohabitants. Individuals who are fully vaccinated(> 14 days since final dose in series) and identified as a close contact:

a. Asymptomatic fully vaccinated close contacts will be tested after exposure and must wear a mask until they receive a negative test result. There is no requirement to quarantine while waiting for results if asymptomatic.

b. Symptomatic fully vaccinated close contacts are required to conduct the same quarantine requirements as unvaccinated symptomatic close contacts.

c. Fully vaccinated close contacts who live with a COVID-19 confirmed case have two options: Enclosure ( I) MCIPAC-MCBBBul 16 10 13 Oct2021 (1) If the confirmed case utilizes the isolation facility ( or another approved method of separation), the fully vaccinated person will be tested 3-5 days from the confirmed case separating. (2) If the confirmed case and fully vaccinated close contact remain in the same domicile, the fully vaccinated close contact will be tested immediately. If negative, they may move about the community freely while wearing a mask. Once the confirmed case is deemed recovered by CMA, the fully vaccinated close contact will be tested 3-5 days later.

d. Fully vaccinated cohabitants of a close contact have no restrictions.

e. Non-fully vaccinated cohabitants of a fully vaccinated close contact have no restrictions. 3. Per USFJ policy, unvaccinated personnel will restart the 14 day ROM period for intra Japan Patriot Express use from Yokota and MCAS-Iwakuni to Okinawa.


4. During post travel ROM, if the traveler is fully vaccinated, separation from the family/cohabitants is not required and the non-travelers do not require ROM. For unvaccinated personnel traveling, the ROM must be completed in a separate room, with a separate head, and without establishing close contact with the family members or cohabitants or units have the option to ROM returning service members away from family members in order to avoid ROM for the entire family. Voluntarily relocating to a TLF with dependents is non- reimbursable. Additionally, ROM at a TLF as a result of unofficial travel is non- reimbursable.


5. All personnel arriving in Japan from another country shall not use public transportation to a U.S. facility and area (or their residence, residing off-base). Use of public transportation between airports, e.g., between Haneda and Narita, is prohibited. Use of private vehicles, government owned vehicles, or military air is directed from initial port of entry into Japan to final destination. Use of domestic commercial air within Japan is prohibited until the individual has completed a 10 day ROM for fully vaccinated OR 14 day ROM for unvaccinated AND received a negative COVID-19 test. Use of DoD-contracted or non-appropriated fund operated bus service or onward movement by MILAIR does not constitute public transportation for purposes of this order.


6. As a condition for access to U.S. installations and facilities in Japan, SOFA status civilian employees, personnel, contractors and dependents shall comply with the same ROM requirements as service members.


7. Transient Aircrews will follow the fully vaccinated/unvaccinated procedures of the transient location, if more restrictive than the guidance published in reference (d).


8. In Japan only, ETPs to allow a modified ROM for unvaccinated personnel with travel originating outside of Japan will be limited to those required for operational impacts and humanitarian reasons, and not for morale or quality of life purposes. ETPs shall include only the minimum number of personnel necessary to complete the required task(s). All ROM ETP personnel must remain on a U.S. installation for the entire 14 day ROM period and limit 2 Enclosure ( 1) MCIPAC-MCBBBul 16 I 0 13 Oct 2021 contact with the base population; authorized travel will be granted to and from lodging and the worksite only. These ETPs must be approved by the relevant installation commander and final approval authority resting with the CG HI MEF/MARFORJ.




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