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Marine Aircraft Group 36


Marine Aircraft Group 36


MCAS Futenma, Okinawa, Japan
Unit Leader

Colonel Thomas C. Euler
Commanding Officer, MAG-36


Uniformed Victim's Advocate

Uniformed Victim Advocate's Policy Letter
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Page 

GySgt Brandon Adams 
DSN: 636-3013



Family Readiness Officer
FRO Welcome Letter

Douglas Kennedy
Office Phone: 636-2216

Cell Phone: 080-2701-7742




Unit Address and Phone

Marine Aircraft Group 36
1st Marine Aircraft Wing
UNIT 37131
FPO AP 96603-7131
Commercial: 011-81-611-736-3020
DSN: 315-645-7729

Wing Duty Officer
Cell Phone: 080-2737-9024
Office Phone: 645-2564

Group Duty Officer

Cell Phone: 080-6861-4884

Office Phone: 636-3020